TikTok Marketing for Brands and Business

Use TikTok For Brand Growth & Lead Generation!

This course is designed to help brands and businesses with limited budgets or time who are interested in leveraging TikTok for growth and lead generation. In this course, you will learn how to use TikTok to gain brand awareness, drive sales, and create leads for your business and brand.

Length of Training: 2 days (7 hours each day)

Course Learning Outcome:

  1. Explain a list of the key aspects of TikTok marketing, and then develop a strategy for achieving these
  2. Reproduce branded video content using TikTok to grow brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and promote sales
  3. Outline a creative strategy for TikTok with the goal of developing an effective brand presence.
  4. Present the importance of creating a great TikTok experience for users, including the creation of high-quality content for this platform.
  5. Comprehend the power of TikTok ads to engage customers with short-form video content, and boost social media engagement and lead generation.

Course Outline:

Setting up Your Account

  • Types of account
  • Types of content
  • UI Walkthrough
  • Setting up Profile
  • Setting & Privacy

TikTok Pro

  • Creator Tools
  • Business suite

Creating Post on TikTok with inbuilt features

  • Elements of a great post
  • Types of videos
  • TikTok’s camera and posting functions
  • Using TikTok’s popular effects
  • Sounds feature
  • Templates
  • Other features that you need to know

Enhancing Post on TikTok with the right Strategy

  • Title
  • Description
  • Hashtags
  • Stitch
  • Duet
  • Challenges & Trends
  • Useful tools & resources

Accelerate TikTok Growth

  • Understand the algorithm
  • The psychology of TikTok
  • Dos & Don’ts
  • Engaging with other TikTokers
  • Case studies

TikTok Content Strategy

  • Generally Specific Topics
  • Content Pillars
  • Ideas for content creation
  • TikTok Live Streaming

TikTok Promotion

  • Coin
  • Running ads on TikTok mobile app

TikTok for Business

  • Setting up TikTok Business center
  • UI walkthrough
  • TikTok Ads Manager walkthrough
  • Campaign Structure
  • TikTok event & pixel setup

TikTok Ads Policies

  • Understand the policies
  • Dos & Don’ts in creating ads content

TikTok Campaign

  • Campaign objectives
  • Ads group
  • Setting up audience
  • Ads setup
  • Spark Ads

TikTok Shop

  • How to register a TikTok Shop
  • Linking account
  • TikTok Shop UI walkthrough
  • TikTok Affiliate Marketing


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