Dmimi Exclusive

Proudlab PLT embarked on a strategic journey with Dmimi Exclusive, a Malaysian Muslimah fashion brand, which initially experienced fluctuating sales, peaking at 130k during Ramadan 2023 but subsequently suffering a significant downturn. This challenging phase saw sales plummet to as low as 12k, casting a shadow over the brand’s market presence.

However, the engagement with Proudlab PLT in mid-September 2023 marked a dramatic turnaround. Leveraging in-depth market insights, targeted TikTok campaigns, and a refreshed content strategy, Proudlab PLT guided Dmimi Exclusive through a period of rapid revival and growth. This strategic intervention not only reinstated the brand’s market position but propelled it to unprecedented heights, achieving a remarkable 1.4 million in sales by January 2024, showcasing Proudlab PLT’s prowess in digital transformation and e-commerce optimization.


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