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Founded by a team of driven professionals, Proudlab PLT has swiftly established itself as a distinguished HRD Corp certified training provider within the competitive landscape of digital marketing education.

With over three years of dedicated service, our core expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge training in Digital Marketing, with a special focus on TikTok Marketing and TikTok Shop Management.

Our curriculum extends to encompass a broad spectrum of digital marketing disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), social media strategies, eCommerce prowess, and online branding essentials.

At Proudlab PLT, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer training sessions in English, Malay, and Chinese, catering to a diverse clientele that spans the dynamic sectors of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our services are particularly valued by TikTok Shop merchants seeking to empower their teams with the skills necessary for mastering TikTok Live Selling and other digital marketing strategies. Through our tailored training and coaching programs, we are committed to enhancing the digital marketing acumen of our clients, enabling them to achieve unparalleled success in the digital realm.

HRDF Eligible Training FAQ

What types of courses qualify for HRDF reimbursement? Authorized HRD Corp providers offer eligible courses for HRDF claims, spanning various training programs.

Who is eligible to apply for HRDF reimbursements? Organizations contributing to the HRDF can receive refunds for training expenses from HRD Corp.

Is Proudlab PLT recognized by HRDF for training? Yes, Proudlab PLT is a recognized training provider by HRD Corp, with our instructors certified under the Train the Trainer program and accredited by HRD Corp.

What’s the maximum HRDF funding available per course? For technical courses, up to RM 8,000 daily, and for soft skills, up to RM 6,000 daily, as per the HRDF SBL scheme.

Minimum participants required for HRDF training? Public sessions need at least 1 and no more than 9 participants. In-house requires a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 35 attendees. For details on HRDC/HRDF Claimable Training 2023, reach out to our team.

Are online and e-learning courses eligible for HRDF claims? Yes, HRDF supports claims for online and e-learning programs.

Can courses be tailored to specific needs? Absolutely, we customize courses based on your needs, considering the audience, challenges, desired outcomes, and age group. Our trainers will guide you to the best fit.


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