Proudlab PLT offers a suite of digital marketing services, including TikTok advertising, SEO, PPC, and TikTok Shop Management, alongside specialized training and strategy development to enhance online presence and engagement for businesses.


Our Driving Principles.


Proudlab PLT envisions leading the digital marketing realm through a strong focus on training and education, nurturing skilled professionals and businesses to achieve unprecedented growth in the digital space.


Proudlab PLT's vision extends to pioneering in digital marketing by integrating AI technology and current digital trends into their training and education initiatives, fostering a new era of growth and innovation in the industry.


Proudlab PLT's mission is to empower businesses by leveraging innovative strategies and precise, data-driven execution to navigate the digital landscape successfully.

Current and Past Clients


Our clients turn to us for our broad expertise in digital domains, encompassing strategy, media buying, creative, tech development, and now, enhanced with training and consultancy services. We are also adept at leveraging TikTok Shop to drive sales growth, aligning with the latest in digital marketing trends.

Discover the art of achieving peak sales with TikTok marketing through our client success stories. At Proudlab PLT, expertise in digital strategy and a focus on TikTok Shop bring your vision to life, inviting you to explore the possibilities in our case studies.

Proudlab PLT stands out not just as a specialized agency for TikTok advertising, but also as a certified Training Provider by HRD Corp Malaysia, specializing in Digital Marketing training with a focus on TikTok Marketing and TikTok Shop, further elevating their status in the digital domain.


Your Brand's Growth Journey

Our clients trust our holistic approach to digital marketing training, spanning strategic insight, media engagement, creative design, and tech advancements.


Supporting Your Growth

At Proudlab PLT, we bring a decade of digital media expertise to the table, covering everything from strategy and media buying to tech development and standout creative work. Our role extends beyond being a digital agency; we’re also a certified Training Provider by HRD Corp Malaysia, dedicated to Digital Marketing training, particularly in the realms of TikTok Marketing and TikTok Shop. Our approach is grounded in experience, yet fresh and responsive, like a tech startup.

Our partners rely on us to keep them ahead of the curve by imparting cutting-edge knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing. As a certified HRD Corp training provider, we specialize in equipping businesses with expertise in TikTok Marketing, TikTok Shop, and the evolving field of AI. Our educational framework is built on a foundation of in-depth industry insights, ensuring that every training session not only delivers current best practices but is also aligned with future industry developments. Through our comprehensive training programs, we empower businesses to navigate digital landscapes effectively, ensuring their strategies are both innovative and sustainable for long-term growth.

As one of the leading TikTok Shop Partners (TSP) in Malaysia, we bring a deep understanding of TikTok Shop dynamics to help our clients excel in managing their online storefronts. Our services encompass everything from inventory advice and live streaming support to crafting and implementing campaign and promotion strategies aimed at enhancing shop revenues. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized, effective management solutions to ensure our clients’ TikTok Shops thrive in a competitive digital marketplace.

Since the inception of digital advertising, we’ve managed an extensive portfolio of campaigns, engaging in hundreds of test-and-learn initiatives and fostering strong relationships with our media partners. Our focus on TikTok ads, aimed at boosting business growth and particularly enhancing TikTok Shop revenue, embodies our refined approach to digital advertising. This approach is tailored to yield unmatched ROI in every sector we’ve ventured into, leveraging the dynamic capabilities of TikTok to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Specializing in content marketing for TikTok, we harness the transformative power of customized storytelling to captivate audiences, inspire change, and motivate action. Our strength lies in our comprehensive, digital-first approach to content creation, enriched with strategic insights and amplified by the latest technology. We excel in crafting compelling narratives specifically for TikTok, ensuring your message resonates and engages effectively on this dynamic platform.


Showcasing Our Collaborations

In our recent projects, we’ve been fortunate to work alongside our amazing clients and dedicated teams. Together, we’ve achieved outcomes that we’re truly proud of, from surpassing targets to introducing new ideas into the market.




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