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Social Media Management

Determine Social Media Strategy

• Establish Social Media Profiles & Platforms
• Community Management
• Contents Strategy & Marketing
• Campaigns Ideation and Execution

Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Discover opportunities and understanding threats

• Determine Listening Objectives
• Monitor Relevant Keywords
• Sentiment Analysis
• Competitors Analysis
• Lead Generation
• Social Media Analytics & Insights Reporting
• Social Media Listening Tool Implementation & Training


Social Media Crisis Management

Protecting against reputation damage

• Pre-Crisis Preparation – Laying Foundations
• Crisis Prevention, Readiness & Radar
• Crisis Handling & Monitoring
• Post-Crisis Review & Recommendations
• Simulations and Training
• Policy and Framework

Online Media Marketing

Paid ads to boost outreach, optimisation and retargeting

• Search Engine Marketing e.g Google Adwords
• Social Media ads e.g. Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
• Video Marketing e.g. Youtube Trueview
• Solo Ads
• Mobile Advertising
• Influencers marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Rank your website on top of competitors’

• Backlink Analysis
• Define and Plan Target Keywords
• On-Site SEO Review
• Off-Site SEO Recommendations

Digital Marketing Training

Equip yourself & your team with the latest digital marketing skills and knowledge (public & in-house)

• Mastering Facebook Marketing
• Mastering Instagram Marketing
• Digital Marketing101
• Mastering LinkedIn Marketing
• Social Media Crisis Management
• Online Video Marketing
• Customized courses to suit your industry and company

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